What Is An Intervention?

Intervention is an act of love.  It is a coordinated effort by family members and friends to help  someone choose to seek recovery from addiction or other form of self-harming. Intervention is commonly used to address substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and codependency. Caring Interventions draws from evidence-based, best-practice intervention models: ARISE®, Systemic Family Intervention© and the Johnson Institute model as modified by Jeff and Debra Jay. To meet the needs of the patient, every intervention is unique, often combining features of more than one model. Anyone with a sincere and vested interest in the identified patient may participate in an intervention, including parents, siblings, children, friends, colleagues and religious community members. At a minimum, the intervention process provides:  

  • Pre-intervention consultation and training
  • Screening for co-occurring disorders
  • At least 3 clinically appropriate treatment-provider recommendations
  • Facilitation of intervention meeting(s)
  • Monitoring of the admissions process
  • Consultation for at least 6 months

Remote Training for an Intervention

Some families prefer to conduct an intervention without an outsider present. We coach families and friends to plan and conduct an intervention. Coaching is offered in person and remotely. 

Intervention in the Workplace

The newer, systemic models of intervention create a less hostile environment than traditional  executive interventions. At their most basic, executive interventions include:

  • Information gathering and screening
  • Research on appropriate treatment options
  • Training of the participants
  • Planning for internal and external communications
  • Establishment of the intervention goal
  • Facilitation of intervention meeting(s)
  • Planning for long-term case management
  • Planning for accountability measures
  • Consultation for at least 6 months

Transport To and From Treatment

Some clients prefer to make their own transport arrangements. For others, we transport the patient to treatment. We can also meet the patient at discharge and escort him or her home or to a sober living facility. Always mindful of the stress and uncertainty a patient may feel, we transport or escort clients door to door by automobile and commercial airline.

Post-Intervention Coaching & Consultation

Addiction is a family disease. It affects every member of the family, straining mental and physical health, finances, and relationships. On average, every chemically-dependent person directly affects 8 other people. Families need to recover from life with an addict and develop new habits of thinking and behavior. Family recovery promotes the long-term recovery of the identified patient. We provide, at no extra charge, a minimum of 6 months of consultation and coaching after the patient enters treatment. We teach families about how addiction affects family members, help to develop self-care strategies, and assist in identifying professional and other resources. 

More Information

For more information, call Caring Interventions at 1 (800) 956-6212.