About Us

Brian O'Shea, Cofounder

Brian O’Shea, CAI, CSI is an interventionist and recovery coach whose interests include trauma recovery and contemplative practices, especially walking meditation and labyrinths. A well-known consultant in the addiction treatment industry, Brian has 30 years of experience in helping others recover from addiction. He cofounded Caring Interventions in 2010 and has successfully facilitated interventions, coached individuals and families, and managed cases in 20 states. Brian is certified in ARISE™ and Systemic Intervention©. He received his intervention training from Dr. Judith Landau, Keith Fierman, and Randee McGraw. 

He is a Gorksi-CENAPS®-trained Relapse Prevention coach and coaches chronic pain sufferers to stay free of addiction.  As a young man, Brian ran groups as a volunteer at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre, New York and at Pilgrim State Hospital—now called Pilgrim Psychiatric Center—in Brentwood, New York. Since childhood, he has been an active member of recovery support groups for families. He is now in his 31st year of addiction recovery. For relaxation, Brian enjoys his meditation practice, watching British television, and reading novels. On a dare, he once held the spotlight doing improv in a Manhattan comedy club. 

Kathleen Butler Stept, Cofounder

Kathleen Stept is the Managing Partner of Caring Interventions. She has a B.F.A. in art from Carnegie Mellon University and studied art history at the University of Pittsburgh. Before founding Caring Interventions with Brian O'Shea in 2010, she worked in communications and arts administration, most recently at the Mississippi Arts Commission. Her role at Caring Interventions is mainly administrative, but she also works with families to collect the important background information needed for planning interventions and identifying treatment options. She helps with post-intervention follow-up and also manages the Caring Interventions website and Facebook page. 

Kathleen grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been involved in twelve-step recovery for families for the last 14 years. When she is not working, she enjoys yoga, quilting, feeding hummingbirds, and watching British suspense thrillers with Brian. Her current goal is to finish a queen-size quilt in honor of her brother's wedding. 

Caring Interventions

Caring Interventions, LLC is a professional, independent practice serving the continental United States. We help individuals, families and employers confront the challenges of addiction through intervention, monitoring, coaching, training, and consultation. We offer first-hand, clinical knowledge of a wide range of treatment options, faith-based programs, and self-help programs. We are committed to supporting the LGBQT community. We are a proud member of Trusted Provider Network (TPN) and pledge to maintain the highest ethical and qualitative care standards as we strive to keep our services affordable.  

We do not accept payment or other compensation for referral to treatment facilities.  All communication  is private and confidential. Your first consultation is free of charge.