What We Offer


Caring, professional, and affordable intervention for a loved one with substance abuse, chronic pain, or co-occurring disorders. Remote services are also available.

Recovery Coaching

Improve treatment outcomes and support long-term recovery with individual coaching, remote and in-person. Coaching helps to prevent relapse and can help chronic pain sufferers remain free from addiction.

Family Recovery

Family coaching and consulting to facilitate an intervention, help prevent relapse, and foster healing for each family member. Provided both remotely and in-person.

Workshops & Consulting

For patients or staff: Back to the Basics of Recovery step study, multi-generational recovery, mindfulness practices including meditation and walking the labyrinth.

Monitoring & Supervision

Monitoring, supervision, and randomized testing services are modeled on evidence-based relapse-prevention programs for pilots, doctors, nurses, and lawyers. 

Affordable Services

The first telephone consultation is always free. Intervention includes at least six months of follow-up support at no additional charge. We strive to keep all of our services affordable. 

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