Caring Interventions
Intervention for Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Addictive Behaviors
Chemical dependency is a complex disease that affects a person physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Willpower is not an effective therapy for this disease any more than it would be for cancer, diabetes, or heart disease.*




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The first consultation is free. Call (800) 956-6212.
Professional, affordable and caring interventions
for drug abuse and addiction, alcoholism, psychiatric disorders and addictive behaviors such as compulsive sex, overeating, computer gaming and workaholism.
Screening, referral and recovery management based on recent first-hand clinical knowledge of all the options. We help you to navigate the current field of treatment.
Consulting and education before and after the intervention. There is no charge until an intervention is planned.
Testing, monitoring and supervision
services modeled after evidence-based relapse-prevention programs for physicians.
Sober coach and sober companion services informed by the Gorski-CENAPS® model of preventing relapse.
Transportation and sober escort
to and from treatment.

Caring Interventions is a professional intervention practice helping families and employers meet the challenges of someone's addiction. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and to making intervention accessible and affordable. Our practice is independent and not affiliated with any treatment center. All communication is private and confidential. Send email to
* From Love First: A Family's Guide to Intervention, 2nd Edition, by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay. Copyright © 2008 by Hazelden Foundation. Reprinted by permission of Hazelden Foundation, Center City, MN.